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Beauty Reviews

" My lashes has never been so natural-looking yet full and thick thanks to Sonia. I'm definitely going back for a fill. "

-Desea T.

" Sonia was awesome, I love my lashes. Material is of great quality and the glue didn't burn my eyes like other places. Great customer services, double check with me on how I liked my eyelash before dismissing me. 

-Mai C.

" Hear it from Annika Coleman.

" It was my first time getting my lashes done. Sonia was wonderful! She was Very patient and understood just what i wanted. She did a great job!!! I will definitely return. "

-Bla Y.

"I absolutely adore my lashes. Not only did Sonia did a great job with them but she provided excellent service to me and constantly made sure I was doing okay. Definitely looking forward to a fill."

- Sunny X.

"I went back for a volume/classic fill and absolutely love it. It gave me a different look that was still so beautiful..very soft and light. I definitely recommend the mix lashes as it made my eyes pop out more. Like usual Sonia did an excellent job and service!" - Sunny X.

" Sonia did a really wonderful job! This was my first eyelash experience and I am very happy with the results! Thank you for the awesome service, I will definitely come back! "

-Lia X.

" I just love my new eyelashes!! Thank You for a good quality and being such a cool sweet person Sonia!!"

                               -Lizbeth Perez -

"I had my first set of lashes done last night and the experience was just amazing! Sonia made me feel right at home and she explained the steps as she was doing them. She also was kind of enough to keep me warm with a blanket! Very professional I loved it! Thank you for everything Sonia! I'm so excited to for my new lashes"! 

                   -Jessica Moran-

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